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Smile Baton Rouge ! and Smile New Orleans! Susan Shea #Vote #Dec6 #LaSen‪ #‎Election2014‬

Smile Baton Rouge !  and Smile New Orleans! Susan Shea #Vote #Dec6 #LaSen‪ #‎Election2014‬
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Behavior Economics : Definition of and Where can You study It

Today I was reading an Article in the Washington Post about how "Baby Carrots"  are made.  It cited the opinion of a "Behavior Economist".  I had never heard of one before and decided to search further into exactly what a Behavior Economist is, And : How is one different than any other kind of Economist?

The overview of what is found in an internet search

Harvard considers it a "field of study"

Though it doesn't seem to be a major at most Universities, there are people who focus on its study within the field of Economics.

I was glad to see this article citing a primary resource !  Because my very thought about naming a field of study "Behavior Economics" is redundant.  Thank goodness this Carnegie Mellon article proves just that.  

I learn something everyday!!

I have decided to read more on topics tagged "Behavior Economics"

And I think one good article to begin with is the one about the Powerball .  What an Economic topic  !!! Plus:  this fever has been hitting Baton Rouge for a week! Even I have bought 1 ticket at my lucky store ;)   2016 the year the Powerball broke the Billion mark!  Wow.

Tweet value . The Economic Incentive to use Free Media Advertising. #Trump Example

 As I always say :  "I like writing short posts"   I love images that speak for themselves.  
Here is one.  If you are interested in Social media advertising: Understanding 
what motivates people to share is key ! You can easily use #Trump as a current example.  Look !  He has never received so much attention.  I'm pretty sure he is more interested in making Trump a valuable Brand.  He realizes that making a brand in 2015 , 2016 and beyond.... is all about Social Engagement.   Is he interested in being a leader?  or  Is he interested in cementing his brand? 

Personally,  I followed Donald Trump when he chose Baton Rouge as a city to host his Miss USA Pageants. This was March of 2014.  This was a really wonderful thing for our City!  But now....
I'm disappointed!  He is reading Popularity like he reads the Stock Market.  He is really happy that he can actually make the ticker go up in this way! 

So what can we learn from this?  Nothing.  Except that the value of Social Media in Advertising is here to stay!

Tweet value .  The Economic Incentive to use Free Media Advertising.  #Trump  Example

I love Infographs ! Here is the 2015 Consumer Credit Outlook on Household Debt: Housing Automobile Credit Card and Student Loan presented in an (Graph Informationgraphic Info Graphic Info Graph Consumer Economic Information Presentation)

I love Info-graphs  !  Here is the 2015 Consumer Credit Outlook on  Household Debt: Housing Automobile Credit Card and Student Loan presented in an (Graph Information-graphic Info Graphic Info Graph Consumer Economic Information Presentation)

It is the Friday before Black Friday !  The weekend before Thanksgiving !  and in 8 days: Saturday, Novemeber 28, 2015, it will be #ShopSmall day.    

I for one,

Value Seeing the Big Picture before doing anything Big ! and by this I mean " The Holidays "
and with keeping in mind the threats to worldwide tourism  while also realizing the spending it takes to travel in the first place.... I am looking at what the national outlook is in all of our household spending, and it is really interesting!  I first saw this Info-graph yesterday on 11/19/2015 on CNBC.
They posted a graphic that is published by the FRBNY.  As I have said in previous posts, I love primary resources and the FRBNY is one.  Here is the link to this interesting report

:household credit data HHDC 2015Q3 Lots of charts and data third quarter 2015

 So,   How does this help the average citizen? Well, look at the graphs and figure out if you are average.  Go back to your school days.  Do you want to be average?  Where would your spending be if you graded yourself? It totally makes sense that Housing takes 69%  (actually more like 73%, when adding home equity to it).   So, look at all the commercials out there that are competing with whatever is left of your money!!  Wow, that's not very much.....but it is!!!  Shop Smart and Try to keep it local :  Happy Shopping!

What is Cloud Computing? How does it affect me? Everyday Economic Thoughts

What is Cloud Computing? How does it affect me?

What is Cloud Computing? How does it affect me?
I have a personal cloud I have created: It is essentially “The Practice of sending email to myself.” This is something I have been doing since the 90’s.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines cloud computing here:
“Rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”

 Q: What is the fastest way for me to get something from my phone, to my desktop, to my iPad, to my laptop, so that all of them have it for me to use later, is?__________________
A: Email it to myself.

And now storing information in clouds is a business! And you can earn a major in it in college
Here are a bunch of links about all of this:

Real ID Act, Passport, Enhanced I.D.s and the Economic Realities to the average Citizen. or Maybe we just don't need to worry about it.

I just called the Passport Office on Coursey Baton Rouge. They said that they have not gotten any official word about this; but they are aware of the news that is circulating. I asked what we would needed to do, if we needed to get a passport? I found out that it will be $13 for a passport photo + $110 (which needs to be paid by check or money order) +a separate $25 (to be paid by cash credit or debit). So that would be a minimum of $148 per person. Some would argue that it is cheaper to go to the passport office in New Orleans (true- but once you add that fee of $90 + gas + parking+ time) that wouldn't be cost effective for an average citizen. I hope something changes soon about this requirement. I would hate for people who really can't afford this extra expense to pay it (then later on find out that they did not need to do it after all). There are families out there who have to visit (do to court order visitations, funerals etc.  , and are just trying to make the expense of these trips themselves. Then there would be this additional $148 per / person to consider.  So, in researching this more we can get an enhanced ID via the DMV/OMV. Would this be cheaper? If the news that is circulating could have guided us to the DMV/ OMV rather than the passport office, then maybe that would be a better service of news delivery? So I looked further and there is nothing on the Homeland security website that says anything about needing Enhanced IDs for domestic travel look for yourself: . So then I checked the airport we usually use and search on their website. This is what I found: Nothing ...See for yourself. I honestly don't think we need the IDs

Or maybe we just don't need to worry about it

 Maybe we do not need to worry about getting New IDs, Passorts, Real ID or Enhanced IDs

The Voting Power of the Millennial Generation: How it can Change their Economic Progression And how Baton Rouge's Investment in this generation can only make the City grow!

 The Voting Power of the Millennial Generation:  How it can Change their Economic Progression
  And how Baton Rouge's Investment in this generation can only make the City grow!

I have stated before, How much I love original sources of information.  Whenever I begin writing I often begin with the dictionary. Then I go on, and when I want to make sure I am writing correct information I verify by researching via a physical book in my possession or by a   dot gov or a dot edu  website. Primary sources, when writing about facts, are vital!   Another original source is our very own real observances.  One of mine are my kids.  With the 2016 Presidential Election just around the corner I realized that I have 2 new voters in my family.  These 2 kids now have 1/2 the voting power in my household!  WOW !  

I love the United States because of our Freedoms towards helping Enterprising Ideas grow!  Honestly what other country in the world has had the fertile ground to let the Automobile, Airplane and Telephone take off and get into the hands of Every Man and Woman?   What can our families, Schools. Churches, Neighborhoods, Cities, Parishes, States and Country do to make Enterprises Flourish?  How can new Ideas grow and be profitable?  It takes people,  many people.  And this is where the primary resource of population studies is a key!  Demographics.

Baton Rouge is Lucky!!!!   With the Universities  in our Community we already have a pool of " the largest generation in the United States"  The Millennial Generation.   I am going to keep this blog post short and end with this important fact : "  More Millennials are in the workforce than any other age group. Next year, they will cast as many votes as Baby Boomers, and in subsequent elections they will reign as the largest generational voting block."  Think about it !
Voting Power, Millennial Generation, #Vote, ‪#‎Election2016

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Tweet value . The Economic Incentive to use Free Media Advertising. #Trump Example 

This Week's Small Business Week in Baton Rouge.....It's Everyday ! Is it Not?

This Week's Small Business Week in Baton Rouge.....It's Every day !  Is it Not?

     Every year The Small Business Administration, all of its sponsors and Google, celebrate "Small Business Week”. This is usually during the first weeks of May.    It is a chance to really see what Entrepreneurs have to go through just to "make it” or "not fail".  The first definition of Entrepreneur is:  "noun, 1. Risk taker."  No, officially that is not the true full definition of an entrepreneur but it is part of the official definition.   Risk taking, in small business is part of the biggest decisions.  We take many risks in our efforts to make our ideas grow and flourish. 
In my small city of Baton Rouge I notice new businesses all of the time and I see the efforts it takes for them to get noticed or be seen enough so that someone may "give them a try".   Consumer customers need real incentives just to try something new!  Business is built on TRUST and the real success of a new small business is that those new customers will come back and be a repeat customer. After a year, a new small business owner will know if it is successful or not.  After a year, if there are no repeat customers something different, on all fronts, has to happen! 

If you are new to starting a small business you should start slow and calculate and really try to make your first effort a continued success OR you can wing it and be passionate and fast acting.  If you have ever played the game of poker, you could have success or failure by running your business just like your poker game.  Remember the heart of the definition of “Entrepreneur” is "Risk taker".   Take, for instance, the Aesop's' fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.  The Entrepreneur, though often taking risks, is always in constant motion.  The success is in the ever changing pace, position or posture of the part of a business that is not profiting AND the constant implementation of a routine to the profitable part of that very same business. Slow and steady wins the race!
Have a Happy Small Business Week Baton Rouge!